Welcome to the Bardo Light Show

Inspired by the light shows of the 1960s the Bardo Light Show provides an authentic 'psychedelic' light show utilising vintage analog media and equipment. Liquids and chemicals are at the heart of the light show… mixed, boiled, squished and literally obliterated on the screen and in the minds of the viewers. These analog effects are “mashed up” with digital footage and effects manipulated live using video processors. The process is “hands on”, mechanical, and driven by a healthy trust in chaos. The output has organic, natural, and primordial aesthetics, which can be used for photographic and film production as well as live performance art.


The Bardo Light Show has collaborated with... Vogue magazine, SHOWstudio.com, Idea Generation Gallery, Lorna Tucker Films, Little Yellow Jacket Productions, Green Man Festival, Offset Festival, Breaking Convention UK, The Amorphous Androgynous, DJ Food, Bishi, Hawkwind and many more.


The 'show reel' below exemplifies the mixed media output of the Bardo Light Show and features b/w photographs kindly provided by the late, great, John 'Hoppy' Hopkins.